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Networks and omics data: Theory and practice

The OBiLab provides on-site courses on computational/biomolecular topics for prospective and practicing students and researchers in the life sciences. We also support courses on demand, customized for the needs of attendees.

Max number of participants: 40

Course Language: English

Description: The "InterOmics Tutorial Day" will focus on gene regulatory networks and protein-protein interaction.

Date: November 14th, 2014

Deadline for Subscription: November 5th, 2014      


Claudia Angelini (IAC-CNR, Naples)

Italia De Feis (IAC-CNR, Naples)

Angelo Facchiano (ISA-CNR, Naples)

Mario Rosario Guarracino (ICAR-CNR, Naples)

Tutors: Roberto Mosca (IRB Barcelona), Ettore Mosca (ITB-CNR, Milan), Roberta Alfieri (ITB-CNR, Milan), Ankush  Sharm (ICAR-CNR, Naples)

Course venue

CNR, Via P. Castellino 111, Naples- IGB meeting room @ 2nd floor


Bring your laptop!  Last session is practical 


Welcome to participants


Roberto Mosca

Structural  Systems  Biology

Integrating protein-protein interaction networks, protein and complex structures. Interactome3D.


Ettore Mosca

Networks and 'omics' data: databases of molecular interactions, gene prioritization and subnetwork extraction

Introduction to network-based omics data analysis. Molecular interaction networks and databases of protein-protein interactions. Network-based gene prioritization with omics data. Identification of modules and subnetworks


Roberta Alfieri

Dynamical models in computational biology: from biological data to modelling

Principles of data integration. Examples of multilevel data integration in computational biology: the Gene-2-System Breast Cancer Database and the Cell Cycle Database. Dynamical models in computational biology: general definitions and approaches to the model construction. Databases, standards and modeling platforms. Integrating biology and mathematics: two examples for modelling the cell cycle and the central metabolism. Hands-on training: dynamical modelling using Biomodels Database


Ankush  Sharma

Practical applications of  tools for protein-­protein interaction  network analysis

Networks topology and applications to biology using Cytoscape and Gephi, and their use in the research of real complex systems