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Redress procedure

The applicants will have the opportunity to appeal in case of alleged unfair exclusion. The redress procedure will cover the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria (Phase 1) and the evaluation of the documentation provided (Phase 2) from a procedural/administrative point of view. Please note that no redress is foreseen towards the evaluation of the quality of the application, career and experience of the applicants carried by the Scientific Committee.
The applicants, who would like to appeal, will have to send a letter of complaint to the  Management Committee within 10 working days from the receipt of the letter notifying the exclusion of the candidate. The Management Committee will provide further explanations related to the selection procedure and will re-evaluate the decision in case of erroneous evaluation of the information or documents provided by the applicant.

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For any further information please contact the INCIPIT project managers:

Marilena Rossano