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Fellows 2016


Ali Mokhtar M. Mohamed

Project title: Role of neuroendocrine transdifferentiation in prostate cancer development and drug resistance

Supervisor: A. Ligresti


Joelle Ayoub

Project title: Structural and functional studies of tumor associated proteins for the development of new anti-tumor drugs.

Supervisor: G. De Simone


Iriczalli Cruz Maya

Project title: Preparation and characterization  of scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Supervisor: V. Guarino


Fanny Defranoux

Project title: Model Aquatic Organisms (MAO)

Supervisor: E. Mollo


Alba Clara Fernandez Rilo

Project title:Multidisciplinary Investigations for the development of Neuro-protective Drugs

Supervisor: L. Cristino


Priyanka Gokulnath

Project title:Analysis of the trascriptome of Fallopian tubes epithelial cells and ovarian carcinoma cells: how many similarities and differences?

Supervisor: M. Zannini


Billy Hill

Project title: Molecular Imaging in discovery and evaluation of new drugs

Supervisor: A. Zannetti


Monika Krzak

Project title: Statistical analysis of high dimensional omic data

Supervisor: C. Angelini


Narender Kumar

Project title: The IL8-CXCR1/CXCR2 circuit in thyroid cancer stem cell

Supervisor: R.M. Melillo


Serena Lazzaro

Project title: Design, synthesis and characterization of biomimetic systems and metal-binding molecules as theranostic agents.

Supervisor: G. Pappalardo



Pooyan Makvandi

Project title: Development of biodegradable nanoparticles and stimuli responsive systems for drug delivery applications and regenerative medicine

Supervisor: A. Borzacchiello



Manpreet Patheja

Project title: Lipid-based molecular mechanism of inflammation and anti-inflammation

Supervisor: A.Varone


Amarinder Sing Thind

Project title: Research and development of novel algorithms, methods and software tools for the integration and analysis of data produced by high throughput biological experiments

Supervisor: M. Guarracino


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