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Fellows 2017


Ahmed El-Sharkawy

Project title: Unravelling genetic modifiers of Incontinentia Pigmenti and their role in the NF-kB pathway

Supervisor: Matilde Valeria Ursini



Ankit Verma

Project title: Unraveling the molecular bases of genomic imprinting disorders

Supervisor: Andrea Riccio




Chetan Dhakan

Project title: Functional and Molecular MR imaging studies of tumour bearing mice for early diagnosis and monitoring of therapeutic treatments

Supervisor: Silvio Aime



Ferreira Campos Ana Margarida

Project title: Modulating innate immunity for treating inflammatory diseases

Supervisor: Paola Italiani




Ikhlas Ahmad

Project title: Getting insight into the molecular determinants of foldopathies

Supervisor: Francesco Bellia




Jamal Naderi

Project title: The impact of epigenetics in the current epidemics of type 2 diabetes

Supervisor: Claudia Miele



Jwala Sivaccumar

Project title: Generation, functionalization and characterization of monoclonal antibodies of diagnostic and therapeutic interest

Supervisor: Luigi Vitagliani/ Menotti Ruvo




Laura Santa Viera

Project title: Development of multifunctional RNA-based therapeutics to selectively target the stem-like glioblastoma cancer cells

Supervisor: Paola Ungaro




Maria Charalambous

Project title: Mitochondrial Dynamics as a new therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases

Supervisor: Lucio Nitsch





Miguel Cardoso de Azevedo Moreira

Project title: Structure and function of key macromolecules involved in severe human pathogeneses

Supervisor: Rita Berisio




Sara García Viñuales

Project title: Biochemical and biophysical methods addressing protein misfolding/aggregation, amyloid clearance by ubiquitin proteasome pathway, proteases and autophagy

Supervisor: Danilo Milardi




Varsha Poondi Krishnan

Project title: Exploring The Pathogenetic Basis of ICF Syndrome With Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Supervisor: Maria Matarazzo




Yi-Shin Lee

Project title: Reactivation of the dormant wild-type allele of MECP2 as a therapy for Rett syndrome: screening of epigenetic compounds

Supervisor: Marcella Vacca




Magdalena Kosterzewa

Project title: Study of in vivo models to investigate the role of the causative gene ZNF687 in Paget’s disease of bone

Supervisor: Fernando Gianfrancesco




Henu Verma

Project title: Tackling Pancreatic cancer growth promoting cancer stem cell differentiation
Supervisor: Geppino Falco




Marisa Saponaro

Project title: Identification of new lead compounds for drug-discovery from marine sources as a novel therapeutic opportunity to reinforce muscle function in Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy (DMD)

Supervisor: Genoveffa Nuzzo/Fabio Iannotti




Ichcha Manipur

Project title: Integrated analysis of multi-omics single cell sequencing data

Supervisor: Mario Rosario Guarracino


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