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Training activities

The ESRs will have the opportunity to follow a novel programme resulting from the combination of the expertise from the 8 CNR institutes. Indeed, all INCIPIT ESRs will first attend multidisciplinary courses common to all curricula.

Subsequently, they will have the possibility to choose 1-2 day theoretical or practical courses specific to one of the seven research areas described above, according to their curriculum and interest.


The topics of such courses include:

1) Stem cell maintenance and differentiation and flow cytometry (research area: Developmental/Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine);

2) Bioinformatics analysis of human genome variants (research area: Human Disease Mechanisms);

3) Peptide chemistry and combinatorial technologies (research area: Structural Biology and Biocatalysis);

4) Aptamers: from selection to their biological applications (research area: Cancer Development and Treatment);

5) Introduction to advanced optical microscopic techniques (research area: Metabolism and Inflammation);

6) Introduction to chromatographic techniques, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy (research area: Drug Design, Discovery and Delivery);

7) Statistical and informatics tools for analysis of biological data (research area: Computational Biology).


Beyond the training trough research in the hosting laboratory and the academic training provided by the Doctoral school, the ESRs will also receive a comprehensive training on transferable skills. This training will cover 4 major topics: communication, management, from bench to bedside, and from bench to market. Ethica issues will be  a horizontal theme emphasized by trainers in all training categories.

Contact us

For any further information please contact the INCIPIT project managers:

Marilena Rossano