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Incontinentia Pigmenti Genetic Biobank

The Incontinentia Pigmenti Genetic Biobank (IPGB) is a no-profit service  unit of Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, "Adriano Buzzati Traverso”, IGB-ABT, of CNR, aimed to the collection, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human biological materials and the data associated, from patients suffering from a rare genetic disease, Incontinentia pigmenti (IP; OMIM#308300), for diagnostic investigation, research and therapeutic use.

Sponsor: IP Patient Associations

•Italian Incontinentia Pigmenti ASSociation, IPASSI

•France Incontinentia Pigmenti, FIP

•International Incontinentia Pigmenti, IPIF

The Biobank provides an essential service to the scientific community by Establishing, Analysing, Banking, and Distributing cell cultures and DNAs derived from IP patients.

IPGB is A GENETIC BIOBANK in BBMRI-ERIC network, a pan-European distributed research infrastructure of biobanks and biomolecular resources.