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Doctoral Schools

The INCIPIT ESRs will join one of the following Doctoral programmes:

1. Biomolecular Sciences of the Università degli Studi della Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli 'or

2. Chemical Sciences of the University of Catania or

3. Industrial Product And Process Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II

The Doctoral School in Biomolecular Sciences is a joint programme of the Università degli Studi della Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli' (previously named 'Seconda Università di Napoli') and the CNR. The programme is multidisciplinary and is based on a well-balanced combination of theoretical courses, internal seminars and participation to national and international conferences. Theoretical courses are given by international experts and include themes, such as cell biology, developmental biology, protein biochemistry, structural biology, molecular genetics, cancer biology, microbiology, immunology, systems biology, computational biology, human genetics and stem cells.

The International Doctoral School in Chemical Sciences is a joint programme of the University of Catania and the University of Göteborg. The training covers topics from different disciplines, including chemistry, physics, biology and molecular biology. It also foresees lectures form international experts and internal seminars. In both Doctoral Schools, CNR researchers and University professors are part of the supervisor committee and are involved in the supervision of students and in training activities.

The PhD program in Industrial Product and Process Engineering held by the University of Naples Federico II is aimed at training scholars able to perform, adopting an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach, research activities in the field of the design and production of materials and industrial products, of the energy production and of preservation and recovery of environmental resources, both in an academic and in an industrial environment. It is structured in three different curricula: 'Chemical Engineering', 'Materials and Structures Engineering' and 'Production Systems and Technologies'.

Contact us

For any further information please contact the INCIPIT project managers:

Marilena Rossano