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"Bender" Bioinformatic Server Cluster:


Obilab has deployed a little bioinformatic Linux cluster. 
It can be used for didactic or small/medium scale bioinformatic analysis.

These are the cluster schema and features:


- 5 Servers (nodes) Cluster
- 1 control/gateway node + 4 worker nodes
- Each worker node has:
++ 2 processors, 4 cores each one (2.5Ghz).
++ 16 Gb ram
++ 800 GB local storage
++ Gigabit network connection
- 4 TB shared storage across the nodes.
- Cluster resource monitor and managment software
- Standard linux configuration on each node
- SMP/MPI libraries support
- R and other bioinformatic tools ready to use

If you plan to get an account to access our cluster you just have to file a request to Obilab Help Desk system.