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The Open Bioinformatics Laboratory

The OBiLab (Open Bio Informatics LABoratory) is a volunteer-run, non-profit  project designed to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations. It is run by biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists from different institutions (IGB-ABT, IAC, ICAR, ISA, UNINA, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn) who apply computational technologies to biological problems.

Our main activities are:

1. Education. OBiLab organizes basic and advanced biomolecular/bioinformatics training courses. The changing methods of digital science and research require that  biologists and geneticists receive adequate support in computing, networking and analysis of large amount of digital information.

2. Services. ObiLab is a pilot project aimed at providing assistance and support in statistics and data processing to students and researchers. OBiLab will also contribute to generate customized applications and software in order to answer specific researcher's questions and needs in biological data processing. ObiLab wants to establish a network linking all the people who share the same problems in bioinformatics. The long term aim is to develop a bioinformatics service with a dedicated staff.

3. Laboratory and Hardware. Although people involved in the ObiLab are spread throughout different institutes, a physical space has been assigned to the project in order to allocate a minimal hardware equipment, such as computers and servers. This space is organized as a sharing area for people interested in bioinformatics and education activities. We believed that  researchers involved in the same type of research activity can take advantage from working in close contact, thus ObiLab makes available local and remote machines to users who request them.