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The Institute of Genetics and Biophysics Adriano Buzzati-Traverso (IGB-ABT) is part of the Department of Biomedical Sciences (DSB) of the National Research Council (CNR). The IGB-ABT is a worldwide recognized institution devoted to basic and applied research. The research activity aims at the comprehension of fundamental genetic and epigenetic mechanisms controlling mammalian cell state and cell identity from  embryonic development to post-natal life, both in normal and pathological conditions, through a multidisciplinary, convergent and integrated approach. This approach is applied to different research fields: stem cell biology, embryonic development and organogenesis, neurobiology, human genetics, molecular oncology, angiogenesis and immunology.

Research Areas

The research carried out at the IGB aims to understand the molecular basis controlling genetically and epigenetically the cell state and cell identity during embryonic development and post-natal life, in normal and pathological conditions. These activities are organized in two main areas:

Developmental Biology and Genetics

Molecular Mechanisms of Human Diseases

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  • NEHO: developing an artificial neuron based on semiconductor technology
    08/06/2023. A tailored combination of material science and photonics to build low energy-consuming neuronal networks is the main goal of the EU-funded project NEHO, coordinated by IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) in Lecce. The project has been financed with 3 million euros for the next 3 years: the National Research Council of […]
  • NEHO: nuove reti neurali artificiali a basso consumo grazie alle proprietà dei semiconduttori
    08/06/2023. Una combinazione perfetta di scienza dei materiali e fotonica per costruire reti neuronali a basso consumo energetico: è l'obiettivo principale del progetto NEHO, finanziato dall'UE e coordinato dall'IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia di Lecce. Il progetto è stato finanziato con 3 milioni di euro per i prossimi 3 anni: il Cnr è partner con l'Istituto […]