The microscopy-based methods, such as confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, immuno-electron microscopy, provide unique and indispensable information for biomedical sciences in the post-genomic era.

Since 2009, the IGB created an Integrated Microscopy Facility (IGB-IM), located on the first floor of the Building 3 in the Research Area of Naples 1. The IGB-IM is divided in functional areas and supplied with different instruments for sectioning and specimen preparations and with different kind of microscopes (stereomicroscopes, upright and inverted automated microscopes for light/fluorescence microscopy, a confocal microscope and a transmission electron microscope). Moreover, workstations, image processing and analysis software are available. The staff is composed by one technologist and one specialised technician.

The aims of the IGB-IM facility are: providing a suitable management and use of high complexity equipment, providing technical and scientific support in sample preparation, giving a continuous guidance for all research groups in the design of experiments, in the development of new experimental protocols, in the choice of instruments, in the imaging and in the analysis of the data obtained. The IGB-IM offers a couple of techniques for morphological, ultrastructural and functional study of biological processes.

Therefore, the IGB-IM’s staff organized continuous training for beginners and experienced microscopy users and collaborated with other CNR Institutes, Universities, and companies (public or private). The theoretical-practical training courses for new users of the Facility were organised throughout the year (March-April and October-November) in order to allow optimal use of the instruments by reducing the costs of managing them. The staff organizes, in collaboration with various companies, courses for new instruments and techniques for preparation of biological samples.

The IGB-IM Facility collaborates in research projects with researchers from CNR, Universities and/or public and private companies.

IGB users can access the booking page using the following link: http://www.igb.cnr.it/index.php/services/


Leica MZ16 FA (fluorescence stereomicroscope)
Leica DM6000B (fully motorized research microscope system for life science) with Leica digital camera DFC 480 RGB and DFC 350FX B/W
Leica DMI Rb (inverted fluorescence microscope) with digital camera DFC 350FX B/W
Leica DMI6000B (inverted fully automated microscope) with digital camera DFC 420 RGB and DFC 360FX B/W
Nikon A1 Confocal Microscopy
Nikon Motorized Optical Microscope
Nikon Manual Optical Microscope
JEOL JEM-1011 (transmission electron microscope 100kV, high contrast and brightness with optimum resolution)



Reichert Jung 2030 (microtome)
Leica VT1000 S (vibrating blade microtome for highly sophisticated sectioning applications)
Leica Ultracut UCT (ultramicrotome)
Leica EM TP (automated routine tissue processor station)
EMITECH K950X (turbo evaporator)
Heerbrugg Wild M3B (stereomicroscope)
Zeiss Stemi SV11 (stereomicroscope)
Leica LAS-AF (fluorescence)
Leica LAS (data base)
Nikon NIS-U
Leica Methamorph


Rosarita Tatè
Facility Manager
Salvatore Arbucci
Technical Support