Accident Prevention, Radioprotection, Health and Safety

  • Administrative procedures for admission to the Institute;
  • Identification of laboratory risk factors, risk assessment;
  • Identification of health and safety measures in the workplace; compliance with current legislation (Dlgs 81/08);

  • Health surveillance of staff: organisation and management of support for the medical surveillance of employees carried out by the authorised medical officer;
  • Promote biological and/or chemical hazard prevention programmes and safety procedures.

Keep employees informed and trained in legal requirements concerning:

  • identified laboratory risks;
  • personal protective equipment;
  • storage and record keeping of radioactive materials;
  • radioactive waste management;
  • transport of radioactive material;
  • health and safety at work.
Adriano Solombrino
Safety Manager
Donatella Jesu
Safety Support
Luigi Cozzuto
Gennaro Andolfi
Adriano Solombrino
Safety Manager
Raffaele Luise