IGB Biological Resources Center

IGB Biological Resources Center

The IGB Biological Resources Center (CRB-IGB) was created with the aim of coordinating the IGB’s biobanking activities developed as part of research projects involving the collection of biological samples

The CRB-IGB is a core facility that constitutes an important resource in the field of biomedical research, from the basic to the translational one, from the understanding of the ethio-pathogenetic mechanisms, prognostic/predictive factors, and diagnostic parameters, up to the susceptibility to therapy.

The CRB-IGB guarantees interoperability criteria among the individual biobanks and participating collections by making homogeneous and functional the procedures for collection, processing and storage of human biological materials , and by standardizing both the methods of collecting/storing molecular, physiological and structural information and the related bioinformatics.

The CRB-IGB aims both to carry out research activities directly through the use of biological samples and to provide the scientific community with high quality samples for biomedical research purposes. The CRB-IGB meets the high standards of quality and competence required by the international community of scientists and industries for providing biological information and materials, and is part of the Biobanks and Biological Resource Centers network of the BBMRI.

The CRB-IGB is currently composed of several research biobanks:

  • Biobanks and “disease oriented” collections, made up of biological samples from individuals and families with rare genetic diseases

    – The IPGB biobank (Incontinentia Pigmenti Genetic Biobank), dedicated to Incontinentia Pigmenti (IP, OMIM # 308300) and to the allelic anhydrotic ectodermal dysplasia pathology (EDA-ID, OMIM # 300291), collects biological samples from families with IP and EDA-ID .

   – The PDB (Paget’s disease of bone) biobank, composed of biological samples from patients with Paget’s disease of bone and its neoplastic degenerations (giant cell tumor, osteosarcoma).

   – The LOPD (Late onset Pompe Disease) biobank, dedicated to late onset Pompe disease and autophagic myopathies.

   – The Hemoglobinopathies and Thalassemia (Hemoglo&Thal) biobank, consisting of biological samples from individuals and families with defects in one or more globin genes.

  • “Disease oriented” Biobanks, made up of biological samples from individuals with common disease

– Breast Cancer Tissues and Organoids BioBank (BC-Tiss&Org BioBank) aimed to support Breast Cancer Research, through the development of patient/derived organoids.

  • Population biobank, consisting of biological samples from individuals belonging to populations of particular interest

– The Cilento Biobank (Biobanca Cilento) made up of some populations of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park which, due to their characteristics, are defined as “genetic isolates”.

The CRB-IGB ensures high levels of security in the processing of sensitive data corresponding to the biological samples deposited by the participants in compliance with current legislation.