Technical Service

Technical Service

Scientific instrumentation and equipment

  • Collection, storage and management of materials and technical manuals
  • Coordination of routine and extraordinary maintenance of common equipment
  • Consultation/Support for the purchase of new equipment
Sergio Rossi

Washing & Sterilization Service

  • Preparation and sterilization of chemical solutions and culture media
  • Preparation of plates for bacterial cultures 
  • Preparation of non-pathogenic bacterial strains
  • Washing and sterilization of glassware/ plasticware
Danilo Maiello
Rosaria Salvia

Construction and Technical installation

  • Periodic checks and routine maintenance of general structures and installations;
  • Extraordinary maintenance, planned and requested, including evaluation of subcontracts;
  • Evaluation of contracts and tenders in agreement with the administrative department. Drafting and updating of contracts with external companies;
  • Drafting and updating of technical annexes to contracts with external firms;
  • Drafting of plant management procedures, updating and conservation of plant and facility charts;
  • Control of automatic systems that survey employee working times;
  • Collaboration for the organization of seminars, meetings, conferences, etc..
Gennaro Sepe

IGB Cryogenic Service

The IGB Cryogenic Service deals with the control, filling and recalculation of liquid nitrogen consumption within IGB research groups’ cryogenic dewars. In order to access the cryogenic dewar storage room, it is mandatory to obtain the authorization upon following a mini-training course about security measures, organized by the IGB Cryogenic Service.  Please, contact the IGB Cryogenic Service for more information.

Vincenzo Mercadante
Cryogenic Service Manager
Salvatore Arbucci
Cryogenic Service Support
Grazia Mercadante
Cryogenic Service Support


Purchase, storage and distribution of chemicals, glassware/plasticware and office supplies

Health & safety surveillance of users and staff

Check inventory and stock availability


Concetta Porzio
Stockroom Manager
+39 0816132460
Giuseppe Ragosta
Stockroom Support