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Call for Applicants

The INCIPIT Calls for 2017 are now closed. Phase 3 of the evaluation process is currently ongoing.

Each call contains all the specific information, including the Host Institute, the Supervisor, the research project and the Doctoral School offering the PhD programme.

Please note that the name of the Second University of Naples has changed: the new name is 'Università degli Studi della Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli'.



Prof. Silvio Aime

PDF download
IAC Dr. Claudia Angelini PDF download
IBB Dr. Francesco Bellia PDF download
IBB Dr. Rita Berisio PDF download
IPCB Dr. Assunta Borzacchiello PDF download
IEOS Dr. Vittorio De Franciscis PDF download
ICB Dr. Giuliana d’Ippolito PDF download
IEOS Dr. Geppino Falco PDF download
IGB Dr. Fernando Gianfrancesco PDF download
ICAR Dr. Mario Rosario Guarracino PDF download
IBP Dr. Paola Italiani PDF download
ICB Dr. Alessia Ligresti PDF download
IGB Dr. Maria Matarazzo PDF download
IEOS Dr. Claudia Miele PDF download
IBB Dr. Danilo Milardi PDF download
IEOS Dr. Lucio Nitsch PDF download

Dr. Genoveffa Nuzzo

Dr. Iannotti Fabio

PDF download
IGB Dr. Andrea Riccio PDF download
IGB Dr. Marcella Vacca PDF download
IGB Dr.Matilde Valeria Ursini PDF download

Dr. Luigi Vitagliano

Dr. Menotti Ruvo

PDF download
Contact us

For any further information please contact the INCIPIT project managers:

Marilena Rossano