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Luca Di Giovannantonio


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Embryonic Development and Biology of Stem Cells – Neurobiology and Brain Functioning

Keywords: Developmental Neurobiology, Parkinson Disease, gene targeting


  • Mechanisms underlying proliferation and differentiation of mesencephalic dopaminergic progenitors and specification of neuron subtype identity in Ventral Tegmental Area and Substantia Nigra pars compacta.
  • Possible role of Otx1 gene in the onset and progression of desmoplastic medulloblastomas.
  • Study of mechanism that determines epiblast contribution to germline and somatic lineage.
  • Generation and characterization of humanized mouse models reproducing genetic variants found in families affected by late onset Parkinson’s disease.

Gialluisi A, Reccia MG, Modugno N, Nutile T, Lombardi A, Di Giovannantonio LG, Pietracupa S, Ruggiero D, Scala S, Gambardella S; International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC), Iacoviello L, Gianfrancesco F, Acampora D, D’Esposito M, Simeone A, Ciullo M, Esposito T. Identification of sixteen novel candidate genes for late onset Parkinson’s disease. Molecular Neurodegeneration, 16(1):35 (2021).

Di Giovannantonio LG, Acampora D, Omodei D, Nigro V, Barba P, Barbieri E, Chambers I, Simeone A. Direct repression of Nanog and Oct4 by OTX2 modulates the contribution of epiblast-derived cells to germline and somatic lineage. Development, 15;148(10) (2021)

Di Malta C, Siciliano D, Calcagni A, Monfregola J, Punzi S, Pastore N, Eastes AN, Davis O, De Cegli R, Zampelli A, Di Giovannantonio LG, Nusco E, Platt N, Guida A, Ogmundsdottir MH, Lanfrancone L, Perera RM, Zoncu R, Pelicci PG, Settembre C, Ballabio A. Transcriptional activation of RagD GTPase controls mTORC1 and promotes cancer growth. Science, 356(6343), 1188-1192 (2017).

Di Giovannantonio LG, Di Salvio M, Omodei D, Prakash N, Wolfgang W, Pierani  A, Acampora D, Simeone A. Otx2 cell-autonomously determines dorsal mesencephalon versus cerebellum fate independently of the  isthmic organizing activity. Development 141(2), 377-88 (2014).

Di Giovannantonio LG, Di Salvio M, Acampora D, Prakash N, Wolfgang W, Simeone A. Otx2 selectively controls the neurogenesis of specific neuronal subtypes of the ventral tegmental area and compensates En1-dependent neuronal loss and MPTP vulnerability. Dev Biol.  373, 176-183 (2013).

Garcìa-Moreno F, Pedraza M, Di Giovannantonio LG, Di Salvio M, Lòpez-Mascaraque L, Simeone A, & De Carlos JA. A neuronal migratory pathway crossing from diencephalon to telencephalon populates amygdala nuclei.Nat Neurosci. 13, 680-689 (2010)

*Di Salvio M, *Di Giovannantonio LG, Acampora D, Prosperi R, Omodei D, Prakash N, Wurst W, Simeone A. Otx2 controls neuron subtype identity in ventral tegmental area and antagonizes vulnerability to MPTP. Nat Neurosci. 13, 1481-1488 (2010) * Co-first authors

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