Premio Giovani Biologi 2016

Il Rotary Club Napoli e l’Istituto di Genetica e Biofisica “ABT” del CNR assegnano anche per l’anno 2016 il “Premio Giovani Biologi” ad un giovane scienziato/a per l’attività di ricerca svolta presso un’istituzione napoletana in materia di Genetica, Biologia Molecolare o Biologia Cellulare.

In quella occasione il Prof. Denis Duboule terrà la Plenary Lecture – “Of Hox and TADs: The Genetic Basis of Preformation“:

Denis Duboule is born in 1955 and is both swiss and french national. He studied biology at the university of Geneva, where he obtained a PhD in mammalian embryology in 1984. He then spent 10 years abroad, first as a group leader in the medical faculty in Strasbourg (France), then at the European Laboratory for Molecular Biology (EMBL) in Germany. In 1993, he was appointed full professor at the university of Geneva, where he chairs the department of Genetics and Evolution ever since 1997. Since 2006 is also professor at the federal institute of technology (EPFL) in Lausanne.
His research activities are in the fields of embryology, genetics and developmental genomics and genetic syndromes in mammals, in an evolutionnary context. Duboule is also active in the communication of science, is member of the Academia Europea as well as of several academies in Switzerland, France and the Netherland. He is a foreign member of the Royal Society and of the National academy of Sciences USA. He has received various scientific prizes and awards, amongst which the Louis-Jeantet prize for medicine in 1998 or the international INSERM prize
in 2010.