Antonella Prisco


Antonella Prisco


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Organogenesys and Tissue Differentiation

Keywords: Immune response, Immunological memory, Antibody, Lymphocytes, Vaccine, In silico modeling, Polymer Models of Chromatin

The main current topic of my research is the identification of correlates of the magnitude and duration of immunological memory, with a special focus on inter-individual differences. My approach involves mouse experiments, the analysis of human clinical data, and computational simulations. My group developed prototype vaccines consisting of an immunodominant B cell epitope, displayed either on a multimeric protein, or on the capside of a filamentous bacteriophage.  We analyzed of the effect of the dosing protocol, in silico and in mouse experiments, and  we contributed to the understanding of the time scale of development of immunological memory, and the effect of the interval between doses on vaccination.

In collaboration with physicist Mario Nicodemi, I  developed the strings and binders model of the three-dimensional architecture of the mammalian genome, and statistical mechanics models of regulatory genetic mechanisms (choice in X inactivation, pairing of homologous chromosomes at meiosis)  which have been investigated by computer simulations and checked against experimental data.

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Researcher at IGB since 2001.  Previously, Research Associate at Medical Research Council, London.

Coordinator, and PI of a Research Unit, of ADVACCINE Pre-clinical testing of Alzheimer’s Disease vaccine (1-11)E2, supported by the Aging project of CNR. 

Teaching activities at Università Vanvitelli since 2014. Adjunct Professor of Molecular biotechnology, since 2018.

Editorial roles for Frontiers in Immunology, Biology MPDI, PeerJ.

Grant Reviewer for Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca , Ministero della Salute, University of Pavia, Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

Chair of  several Science and Society events at CNR, including The Science Cafè  and DNA in suono.

Member of SIICA and CNR Immunology Network (CIN).