Dario De Cesare


Dario De Cesare

Senior Researcher

+ 39 081 6132315 dario.decesare@igb.cnr.it

Embryonic Development and Biology of Stem Cells

Keywords: Stem Cells/Differentiation, Metabolism, Molecular and Cell Biology

During my career, I have worked on research programmes focused on transcriptional regulation, oncogene expression, signal transduction and gene expression, in both physiological and pathological processes, such as spermatogenesis and Coffin-Lowry syndrome. Since 2004, I am responsible, within the Stem Cell Fat (SCF) Lab research activity, for the generation of GFP-engineered stem cell lines that we have utilized: a) in high throughput screening technologies for the finding of molecules able to modulate ES cell proliferation and differentiation.  In order to monitor both cardiac and neural differentiation, we have chosen: a) the MLC-2v promoter, a DNA regulatory region upstream of the gene encoding the Myosin Light Chain conferring heart specific expression; b) the neuro-specific enhancer element of the nestin gene and the promoter region of the gene encoding the Tα1-Tubulin product, to monitor neural differentiation; c) the β-actin promoter to monitor cell proliferation.

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1990: Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Naples (Italy), summa cum laude.
1996: Ph.D. in Genetic Sciences at the University of Milan (Italy).

Research appointments:
2008 – present: coordinator of IGB Informatics Core, responsible of IGB website.
2004-present: Co-founder of the Stem Cell Fate Laboratory at the IGB-ABT, CNR.
2003: Short term EMBO fellowship to work as a visiting scientist in the laboratory directed by Paolo Sassone-Corsi at IGBMC, Strasbourg (France).
2001- present: Research Scientist at IGB-ABT, CNR, Naples, Italy.
2000: winner of a Career Project position from Telethon italian foundation as Assistant Telethon Scientist.
2001-1996: post-doctoral stage in the group headed by Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi at the IGBMC (Institut de Génétique et Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire; Strasbourg-France).
1999: recipient of a fellowship from a french foundation for medical research (Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale).
1998: recipient of a fellowship from a french foundation for cancer research (Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer).
1998-1996: TMR (Training and Mobility of Researchers) EU fellow at IGBMC.
1996-1993: Ph.D. training programme in Genetic Sciences at the University of Milan (Italy). Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Blasi. Thesis title: “Characterization of a novel regulatory element in the enhancer of the human urokinase gene”.

Courses co-organizer:

  • 2006    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 1st edition, IGB, Naples, Italy
  • 2007    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 2nd edition, IGB, Naples, Italy
  • 2008    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 3rd edition, IGB, Naples, Italy
  • 2009    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 4th edition, IGB, Naples, Italy
  • 2010    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 5th Edition, IGB, Naples, Italy
  • 2011    Stem Cell Differentiation Training Course, 6th Edition, IGB, Naples, Italy

Ad hoc reviewer:
J. of Andrology, Molecular Biothecnology, Cell Death and Disease