Graziella Persico Lecture

Graziella Persico Lecture

The “Graziella Persico” Lecture series in Human Genetics is mainly addressed to young scientists to promote their learning about the most recent progress of the research in the genetic field. It will also serve to all of Graziella’s many friends and colleagues to have a chance, once a year, to think of her and to underscore the values that she believed in.

The initiative includes the awarding to a PhD student of a travel grant for the participation in a European scientific meeting.

This project was supported by IGB and the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, and funded by Prof. James D. McGhee, University of Calgary, Calgary AB, Canada. 

Graziella Persico (1950-2007) was an extraordinary woman and a superb scientist. She was part of the “Top Italian Scientist” list. She has made outstanding contributions to science, ranging from human genetics to cancer biology. Such are the cloning of G6PD, the first gene identified on the human X chromosome, and the discoveries of Cripto and PlGF, extracellular factors active in normal body development as well as in disease.

She was also an impressive manager and organizer, being capable of initiating one of the largest projects on isolated populations in Italy.

Graziella Persico trained many scientists. She was unforgiving in the adherence to rigorous scientific criteria but, at the same time, she was capable of transmitting a profound sense of human empathy.