Sandro De Falco

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Sandro De Falco

Research Director

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Molecular Oncology

Keywords: Cardiovascular biology, Angiogenesis, Cancer, Ocular Neovascular Diseases, Drug Discovery and Delivery

The research interests of the Angiogenesis Lab are focused on cardiovascular biology, mainly on the study of molecular mechanisms governing physiological and pathological angiogenesis, and on drug discovery devoted to inhibit pathological angiogenesis.

Biochemical and functional relationship of molecular factors involved in angiogenesis are studied using molecular and cellular biology approaches and functional genomics in mice.

Moreover, for these studies is crucial the availability at Angiogenesis Lab of in vivo disease models, such as syngeneic and xenograft tumors, corneal and choroid neovascularization, hind limb ischemia.

In the last ten years, the research activities of Angiogenesis Lab have been granted by Horizon 2020, AIRC, Telethon, government agencies (MIUR, MISE, Campania Region) and from national and foreign companies (Bayer, Abbott, Thromb-X, Multimedica, BIOVIIIx).

The studies on drug discovery has allowed the opportunity to co-found an innovative start up, named AnBition, which activities are focused on developing new molecules and technologies for treating or diagnosing angiogenesis-related diseases.


In the picture, the contribution of Angiogenesis Lab into unveil the important role of VEGF-A/PlGF heterodimer in pathological angiogenesis.


Sandro De Falco joined the IGB as Research Scientist in 2001, in the group of Graziella Persico. In 2005 got the position of CNR-Senior Researcher and group leader of Angiogenesis Laboratory. In 2020 got the position of Research Director.

In 2000 got an EMBO short-term fellow at the Center for Transgene Research and Technology, KU Leuven, Belgium, in the group of Prof. Peter Carmeliet.

From 1994 to 2000 he was first Senior Scientist and successively Head of molecular and cellular biology laboratory at biotech Company Tecnogen S.C.p.A. (Piana di Monteverna, Caserta, Italy).

Previously he was post-doctoral fellow at Laboratoire de Biophysique, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France in the laboratory of prof. Claude Hélène, and at Department of Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology, Faculty of Medicine, University “Federico II”, Naples Italy.

He holds his PhD in Biochemical Sciences in 1990, and the degree in Biological Sciences in 1985, at University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy.


Valeria Tarallo

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Molecular Oncology

Project Title: Alu RNA as a potential regulator of human gastrointestinal cancer progression and metastatic dissemination

Keywords: Alu RNAs, cancer, angiogenesis, AMD

Sara Magliacane Trotta
PhD student

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Project Title: Alu RNA as a potential regulator of human gastrointestinal cancer progression and metastatic dissemination

Grazia Mercadante
Lab Technician

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Project Title: support for all the projects of the group